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What's Next: Passages of Summer—Starting May 25

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Michelle Hoover
Join award-winning novelist and writing coach Michelle Hoover and special guests for your morning writing wake up call, starting with a 50-day writing challenge.
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Good morning everyone. I just want to tell you about what we’re doing next on the 7am novelist, which is something I’m lamely calling “Passages of Summer.” But the upcoming episodes this summer won’t be so lame, because we’re going to be talking about one of the most difficult parts of a story or novel or memoir to get right: The first pages. I’ll be interviewing over forty writers as we read and analyze the beginning pages of their novels in hopes of helping you with your own. We’ll have Idra Novey, Caroline Leavitt, Paul Rudnick, Amina Gautier, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, and many more. Take a look at our schedule below:



All episodes will be pre-recorded and released at 7am EST. They can be found on and your favorite podcast platforms.

May 25: Elizabeth Graver on Kantika

May 29: Vanessa Hua on Forbidden City

May 31: Marisa Crane on I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

June 2: Jane Roper on Society of Shame


June 5: Nathaniel Miller on The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven

June 7: Juliette Fay on The Half of It

June 9: VV Ganeshananthan on Brotherless Night


June 12: Jasmin Hakes on Hula

June 14: Julie Carrick Dalton on The Last Beekeeper

June 16: Amina Gautier on “Lost and Found” in The Loss of All Lost Things


June 19: Henriette Lazaridis on Terra Nova

June 21: Frances de Pontes Peebles on The Air You Breathe

June 23: BA Shapiro on Metropolis


June 26: Daphne Kalotay on “Relativity” in The Archivists: Stories

June 28: Wanda Morris on Anywhere You Run

June 30: Idra Novey on Take What You Need


July 3: Aaron Hamburger on Hotel Cuba

July 5: Caroline Leavitt on Days of Wonder

July 7: Joanna Rakoff on My Salinger Year


July 10: Rachel Barenbaum on Atomic Anna

July 12: Alix Ohlin on Dual Citizens

July 14: Maya Shanbhag Lang on What We Carry


July 17: Kirthana Ramisetti on Advika and the Hollywood Wives

July 19: EB Moore on Loose in the Bright Fantastic

July 21: Allegra Goodman on Sam


July 24: Kelly Ford on The Hunt

July 26: Alta Ifland on Speaking to No. 4

July 28: Suzanne Berne on The Blue Window


July 31: Neema Avashia on Another Appalachia: Coming Up Queer and Indian in a Mountain Place

August 2: Jessica Keener on Night Swim

August 4: Hank Phillippi Ryan on The House Guest


August 7: Nancy Crochiere on Graceland

August 9: Elizabeth Silver on The Majority

August 11: Alyssa Songsiridej on Little Rabbit


August 14: Sara Johnson Allen on Down Here We Come Up

August 16: Julie Gerstenblatt on Daughters of Nantucket

August 18: Paul Rudnick on Farrell Covington and the Limits of Style


August 21: Rachel Kadish on The Weight of Ink

August 23: Angel Di Zhang on The Light of Eternal Spring

August 25: Charlotte Rixon on The One That Got Away


August 28: Virginia Pye on The Literary Undoing of Victoria Swann

August 30: Isa Arsén on Shoot the Moon

September 1: Shilpi Suneja on House of Caravans

September 4: David Heska Wanbli Weiden on Winter Counts