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Day 10: Misbeliefs & What Your Characters Need to Learn

Day 10: Misbeliefs & What Your Characters Need to Learn

Our First Fifty-Day Writing Challenge

Weaknesses, flaws, misbeliefs, wounds, all our characters have them, so how do you get them on the page? How do you write character change? And how do you write about a character whose lesson learned needs to be more nuanced, particularly for characters who don’t have much power to begin with? Then the lesson may be more about the idea that they don’t have to adjust to broken world at all.

Meghana Ranganathan is a graduate of the Novel Incubator program and is currently in the final stages of revision on two novels. She’s also interested in science journalism and has had articles printed in Scientific American. In her other life, she’s a climate scientist and glaciologist, interested in understanding how much ice will be lost from the Antarctic ice sheet due to climate change. 

This episode is dedicated to writer Brion Dulac. You can read his work here: We’ll miss you Brion. You were one of a kind.


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