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The 7am Novelist
Day 2: Process (by the Seat of Your Pants)

Day 2: Process (by the Seat of Your Pants)

Our First Fifty-Day Writing Challenge

Today’s guests talk about writing by the seat of your pants (ie., how to float on pure creativity and still come up with a book)

Lissa Franz

Lissa Franz holds a master’s degree in creative writing from Boston University and is a graduate of the Grub Street Novel Incubator program. She is the 2015 recipient of the PEN New England Discovery award for fiction. Her latest novel, A SHORT HISTORY OF THE AMERICANS, is out with her agent while she pants her way through a contemporary novel about her favorite topic: women who thrive on extraordinary risk.

Bessie Heitkamp

Bessie is a recent graduate of the Novel Incubator program and cofounder of Readerly, a new Goodreads alternative. She’s published essays in The Chattahoochee Review and 1966 Journal among others, and is currently pantsing her way through her first novel.

Also noted during episode:

Scrivener, to help you organize your writing.

Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler

And organizations to help you find community: in Boston



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