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Defining and Accessing Interiority with Dawn Tripp and Christopher Boucher

Defining and Accessing Interiority with Dawn Tripp and Christopher Boucher

From the "What's Holding You Back?" Writing Challenge Series

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The idea of “interiority” is all the talk these days, but what actually is it? How is it different from exposition and simply telling a reader about a character’s thoughts and feelings? How do you access that deeper level of character development and voice from which great interiority comes? We’ve got two master writers and teachers today to help us out: Dawn Tripp and Christopher Boucher

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I also recommend the following Substack articles about Interiority, the first from Brandon Taylor and the second from Courtney Maum.


Christopher Boucher is the author of the novels How to Keep Your Volkswagen AliveGolden Delicious and Big Giant Floating Head (a 2019 Massachusetts Book Award Finalist). He’s also an Associate Professor of the Practice of English at Boston College and the managing editor of Post Road Magazine.

Dawn Tripp is the author of the novel Georgia, which was a national bestseller and a finalist for the New England Book Award, and three previous novels: Game of Secrets, Moon Tide, and The Season of Open Water, which won the Massachusetts Book Award for Fiction. Her new novel, Jackie, about Jacqueline Kennedy, will be released in June.

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