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Jealousy and Exhaustion with Marjan Kamali, Liesl Swogger, and Alex Ferraro

Jealousy and Exhaustion with Marjan Kamali, Liesl Swogger, and Alex Ferraro

From the "What's Holding You Back?" Writing Challenge Series

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Jealousy and Exhaustion are two of the most common, and most difficult, obstacles to deal with in your writing career, yet we all suffer from them at one time or another. How do you tamp down your jealousy of other writers when the feeling makes you feel like an awful person in the first place? How do you deal with the long process of writing and publishing when you’re already exhausted by the idea of it? We’ve got writers Marjan Kamali, Liesl Swogger, and Alex Ferraro to help us out.

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Liesl Swogger is a graduate of Novel Incubator, with a new pretend deadline of March for her current revision of her novel, A Single Season. Her novel is based in part on her own experience in the world of ballet.

Marjan Kamali is the award-winning author of The Stationery Shop, a national and international bestseller, and Together Tea, a Massachusetts Book Award finalist. She is a 2022 recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship. Her new novel, The Lion Women of Tehran comes out in July 2024.

Originally from Texas, Alex Ferraro is at work finishing his dark and gritty Novel Incubator thriller about a sheriff gone bad and the Texas Ranger trying to bring him to justice.

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