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“4. Because you need your writing mojo back (please).”

I got a major brain injury a few years ago that triggered aphasia and chronic migraines. I was told not to write...but of course I tried anyway. Trying to come up with sentences, even the words to fill them, felt like splitting open my skull.

So I told myself, “You can’t do this right now, but you can after you heal.”

I was healed until a year and a half later, and “You can’t do this right now” turned into “You. Can’t. Do. This.”

Since then, I’ve completely plotted out two novels--and written nothing. I’m terrified of that empty page/blinking cursor. So yeah, oh yeah, I need this. Thank you for making this possible! 🧡

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Re: "Because when you told your therapist that you heard voices in your head (aka: your characters), she seemed to think something was wrong."

So my protagonist is one tough woman with a lot of baggage, and on more than one occasion I have attempted to channel her while undergoing painful dental work. And, as I told the dentist, believe it or not, it helped.

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