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Passages: Suzanne Berne on The Blue Window

Passages: Suzanne Berne on The Blue Window

Suzanne Berne discusses the first pages of her latest novel, The Blue Window, how her three points of views added interest and tension in the novel (for herself as much as for the reader), her decision to begin with the most unusual of these vantage points to invite mystery and empathy, and her belief in the relief and necessity of humor.

Berne’s first pages can be found here.

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Suzanne Berne is the author of five novels: The Dogs of Littlefield, The Ghost at the Table, A Perfect Arrangement, and A Crime in the Neighborhood, which won Great Britain’s Orange Prize, now The Women’s Prize. Her latest, The Blue Window, was released in January 2023. She has written frequently for The New York Times and The Washington Post, and published essays and articles in numerous magazines. For many years she taught creative writing, first at Harvard University and then at Boston College and at the Ranier Writing Workshop in Tacoma, WA. She lives outside of Boston with her husband. They have two daughters.