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Bonus Episode: Yael Goldstein-Love on The Possibilities

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Michelle Hoover
Yael Goldstein-Love
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Yael Goldstein-Love discusses the first pages of her latest novel, The Possibilities, how she set the tone of her book with an unusual first chapter, how she managed emotion to avoid melodrama, her background as a mother and psychotherapist and how these inform her work, and the best way to use a therapist and therapy itself in your book.

Goldstein-Love’s first pages can be found here.

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Yael Goldstein-Love is the author of the novels The Passion of Tasha Darsky, described as “showing signs of brooding genius” by The New York Times, and The Possibilities, forthcoming in July. She also practices psychotherapy, with a particular interest in the transition to parenthood, and is working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her dissertation research focuses on how mothers experience their anxiety for the unknown futures of their children. She is a graduate of Harvard University and currently attends The Wright Institute. Her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy Blog, The Atlantic online, The Forward, Commentary, and other places. She lives with her six-year-old son and a very patient cat in Berkeley, CA. In another life, she was co-founder and Editorial Director of the literary studio Plympton, which aims to make the digital age a golden age for literature.