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So thrilled to see my question was answered, Michelle, and bummed I wasn't on the call that day but I usually have my head down writing and revising between 5.30am and 7 or 7;30am and I have been in a flow lately! Appreciated all the wonderful advice from your guests. First of all to recognize that revising doesn't end even if an agent accepts you and your manuscript, and especially after an editor does. This comment especially once an agent and/or editor accepts it: "Because it's not perfect in the way they think it's perfect. And then you're going to make it perfect with them." I know this well from having my first novel picked up by an agent. I thought I was there, it was going to happen, and then he couldn't sell it. Editors liked it but no one alas was ready to champion it. And yes, I got great feedback in some of the editor's letters that my agent shared. But the rejection did take the wind out of my sails. So I haven't gone out with a novel in several years now. So encouraging to hear how the authors here took the agent or editor feedback to go back and revise. l also appreciated hearing the encouragement to "let some of that pressure off of it being this like all or nothing game." And to ask my characters, am I done? That's a wonderful idea. In fact, my protagonist is talking to me quite fiercely as I come to the ending of this fifth draft. She's needing something more from me and I'm listening. Shalene's comment that her book had gone through 200 drafts and she wanted a divorce made me laugh. I get it! The tiered strategy about how to approach agents was worth its weight in gold, thank you! And finally, thanks for the reminder to use Query Tracker. I used it last time around and it was so helpful. Thank you Michelle for this great opportunity to ask my question and have it so thoroughly answered!

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